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After finishing my high school education, I’ve studied at the University of Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, where I first came into closer contact with Nutrition. As a university student, I naturally wanted to look good and be in shape so I have started to experiment with my body somewhat. I was a vegetarian and then a vegan, which ended me up in a hospital. I have then tried Macrobiotic Nutrition, which further led me to my first contact with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its subdivision – dietetics.

It finally started to make sense for me.

I was able to understand, why I constantly feel cold, why my lips are blue, why it is so difficult to keep my figure in shape, even though I only eat salads all day and why I feel so weak and swollen. TCM has been able to provide answers to all of my questions, it has truly assisted my with finding balance and harmony for my body and my organs. Hence, I have realized, how every food has its own energetic and thermic value and how it influences and affects my internal organs, which is why I was motivated to get deeper involved with the topic. I was fairly thrilled when I found out that Chinese dietetics  can be studied on College level. I have enrolled into a two-year TCM Nutrition program at the Vienna School of Traditional Chinese Medicine with graduation in October of 2013. The topic of my diploma work is „TCM - Infertility Treatment“.

I am currently studying at TCM Institut Prague majoring in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Phytotherapy (study of herbal effects to human body). My goal is to graduate in May 2016.

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08. 09. 2013
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